England league 1 Tips

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የእንግሊዝ ሊግ ዋን የ2021/22 የውድድር ዘመን ምልከታ

24 ቡድኖች ወደ ሻምፒዮንሺፕ ሊግ ለማደግ የሚታገሉበት የሊግ ዋን ውድድር በዚህ አመት የውድድር ወቅትም የተለመደው የክለቦች ብርቱ ፉክክር ተጧጡፎ ቀጥሎበታል፡፡ በአንድ ወቅት በፕሪምየር ሊጉ ይጫወቱ የነበሩትን እንደ ዊጋን፣ ሰንደርላንድ እና ቦልተን የመሳሰሉ ታዋቂ ቡድኖችን እንዲሁም ራሳቸውን በትልቅ ደረጃ ለማሳየት ያለሙ ክለቦችን በጋራ የያዘው ይህ ሊግ ጠንካራ አቋም ያላቸው ቡድኖች ብቻ ተቋቁመው የሚያልፉት ፈታኝ ውድድር ነው፡፡

ከ37ኛ ሳምንት ዙር ጨዋታ በኋላ ሮተርዳም ዩናይትድ ሊጉን በበላይነት እየመራ ሲሆን ዊጋን እና ኤምኪ ዶንስ በሁለተኛ እና ሦስተኛ ደረጃ ላይ በቅርብ ርቀት ይከተላሉ፡፡ ዊጋኖች ያላቸውን ቀሪ ጨዋታ መጠቀም ከቻሉ ወደ ፕሪምየር ሊጉ ለመመለስ ለሚያደርጉት ጥረት ሁነኛ እርምጃ ይሆናል፡፡ ከ46 ጨዋታ በኋላ የሊጉን አንደኛ እና ሁለተኛ ደረጃ ይዘው የሚጨርሱት ቡድኖች ቀጥታ ወደ ሻምፒዮንሺፕ የሚያድጉ ሲሆን ከ3ኛ እስከ 6ኛ ደረጃ የሚያጠናቅቁ ቡድኖች ደግሞ በደርሶ መልስ የጥሎ ማለፍ ጨዋታ ተጋጥመው የሚያሸንፈው ቡድን በተጨማሪ ወደ ሻምፒዮንሺፕ የሚያልፍ ይሆናል፡፡ ይህን ቦታ ይዞ ለመጨረስ እየተፎካከሩ ከሚገኙ ክለቦች መካከል ኦክስፎርድ ዩናይትድ፤ ሰንደርላንድ፤ ፕሌይመዝ፣ ዋይኮምብ ዎንደረርስ እና ሼፊልድ ዌንስዴይ ይጠቀሳሉ፡፡ አምና በጥሎማለፉ ያልተሳካለቸው ኦክስፎርድ እና ሰንደርላንድ ዘንድሮም የጥሎ ማለፉን ኮታ ለማግኘት ሰፊ እድል ያለቸው ይመስላል፡፡ በሊጉ ሰንጠረዥ ግርጌ በሚገኙት ክሪው አሌክሳንድራ፣ ዶንካስተር ሮቨርስ እና ሞርካምቢ መካከል ወደ ሊግ-ቱ ላለመውረድ የሚደረገው ፍጥጫም ከባድ ፍልሚያ የሚጠበቅበት ነው፡፡ ባሳለፍነው አመት ከ ሊግ-ቱ ያደገው ሞርካምቢ ወደመጣበት ሊግ ለመመለስ በር ላይ የቆመ ይመስላል፡፡

The England league one participate 24 teams who aim to be promoted to championship. The league continues to intensify on 21/22 season too as it included clubs that were playing before on Premier League such as Wigan, Sunderland and Bolton, as well as clubs with a tough and ambitious squads looking to prove themselves. The 46 match week competition requires strong and resilient performance to overcome the challenge imposed overall the season. 

After a 39-match week run, Rotherham is leading the league one currently, with Wigan athletic and MK dons coming in second and third respectively. If Wigan can make their two left over games count, they can take over the lead from Rotherham, which will help them to get one step closer on the way of returning back to the premier league. Alongside the winner and runner up going directly to the championship, additional promotion is awarded to the winner of playoff between clubs which finishes from 3rd up to 6th on the tableOxford united, Sunderland, Plymouth, Sheffield and Wycombe are one of teams fighting fiercely for this position. It seems like Oxford and Sunderland have better chance of getting the playoff spot again for second consecutive year.

The other crucial battle is being held at relegation zone of the league between Gillingham, Doncaster, Wimbledon, Fleetwood and Morecambe. At this point it is safe to expect Crewe alexandra will go down to league two with only 25 point at hand and sitting at the bottom of the table. 

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