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Online sports betting in Ethiopia is at an entry-level stage with only a handful of websites operating.

The ones that do offer online bet services are also severely limited in scope, offering football exclusively. One of the best betting sites in Ethiopia is Abyssiniabet, a football jackpot site that looks promising.

The poor internet connectivity in Ethiopia is one of the chief reasons why the sports betting industry is not booming. The local punters have long favoured using foreign-based sites, especially based in the UK but there are a few local operators that are providing half-decent services.

Abyssiniabet offers sizable win amounts relatively speaking to the market and the site is professional-looking, with an impressive lay-out considering the scope of the market.

The main landing page of Abyssiniabet shows off a menu directory consisting of ‘start, prediction, results, rules and an option to change language.

The landing page is filled with banners advertising the latest football jackpot action taken from some of the world’s leading leagues, including the Bundesliga, EPL, La Liga and Ligue 1.

There is a large banner advertising that punters can win millions in Birr in their ‘Bet on Football’ action.

The premise is simple, pick a league, predict matches and pace a bet.

There is no link or icon showing how to log in or where to sign up, but this can presumably be found on the Abyssinia bet app. The site’s rules state to play online, a player must sign up and have a Hello Cash account.

The football jackpot action can be found by clicking on the prediction link on the main menu directory on the landing page. This tab opens a jackpot consisting of pools between five legs and 10 legs.

A player can also open up a jackpot fixture list by clicking on any of the leagues mentioned, as found on the main landing page.

The five-leg jackpot offers a prize of 500 000 Birr while the ten-legged pool offers a top award of 1 million Birr.

All jackpots are of the 1×2 (home win, draw, away win) format and betting is simple.

A punter must click on the home team if they think they will win, then go down and pick a draw and so forth until all legs have been ticked.

The punter can choose a 5-leg or 10-leg jackpot for each league.

The minimum stake is 20 Birr while the stake amount can also be 50 Birr or 100 Birr, ostensibly the higher the bet the more chance of a win. In the site’s rules they clearly state that in the case of multiple jackpot winners, the player who staked the most per bet will win. If 10 people predicted the jackpot, and nine staked 20 Birr and one person staked 100 then only the latter will win the whole prize.

The results link shows the latest scores from the scheduled matches for jackpot play.

Finally, the site’s terms, conditions and rules can be found on the main home landing page.

Abyssinia bet is one of the best platforms available locally and is recommended for novice and seasoned punters alike.

Abyssinia Free Bets, Bonuses and Promotions

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