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France Ligue 1
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Lille vs Nantes

DRAW 1 - 1 1 1.63 X 3.90 2 5.25 See Analysis and More Tips

Nice vs Metz

HOME 2 - 1 1 1.49 X 4.40 2 6.50 See Analysis and More Tips
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Pogon Szczecin vs Lechia Gdańsk

DRAW 1 - 1

Odds not available

See Analysis and More Tips

Rakow Czestochowa vs Zagłębie Lubin

HOME 2 - 1

Odds not available

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Italy Serie A
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Juventus vs Atalanta

AWAY 1 - 2 1 1.95 X 3.60 2 3.40 See Analysis and More Tips

Venezia vs Inter Milan

AWAY 1 - 2 1 7.50 X 4.75 2 1.36 See Analysis and More Tips
Spain Primera Division
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Mallorca vs Getafe

DRAW 1 - 1 1 2.37 X 2.95 2 3.40 See Analysis and More Tips

Villarreal vs Barcelona

DRAW 1 - 1 1 2.75 X 3.30 2 2.50 See Analysis and More Tips
Serie B
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Perugia vs Cittadella

DRAW 1 - 1

Odds not available

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English Premier League
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Brighton & Hove Albion vs Leeds United

DRAW 1 - 1 1 2.20 X 3.40 2 3.20 See Analysis and More Tips
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Bayern Munich vs Arminia Bielefeld

HOME 3 - 1 1 1.06 X 11.00 2 26.00 See Analysis and More Tips
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Fortuna Sittard vs Groningen

AWAY 1 - 2 1 2.45 X 3.60 2 2.65 See Analysis and More Tips

PEC Zwolle vs RKC Waalwijk

AWAY 1 - 2 1 2.15 X 3.75 2 3.05 See Analysis and More Tips

Willem II vs Go Ahead Eagles

AWAY 1 - 2 1 1.95 X 3.85 2 3.45 See Analysis and More Tips
Portuguese Liga
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Arouca vs Boavista

HOME 2 - 1 1 2.15 X 3.30 2 3.25 See Analysis and More Tips

Belenenses vs Benfica

AWAY 1 - 2 1 10.50 X 5.50 2 1.27 See Analysis and More Tips
2. Bundesliga
Match Prediction Odds H2H Analysis

Holstein Kiel vs Werder Bremen

AWAY 1 - 2 1 2.70 X 3.20 2 2.40 See Analysis and More Tips

Latest Ethiopia Betting News

  • በኢትዮጵያ የሚሰሩ የስፖርት ውርርድ ድርጅቶች ዝርዝርና አጠቃላይ ይዘት - 1. ቤቲካ (Betika) ቤቲካ-ኢትዮጵያ በኢትዮጵያ የውርርድ ገበያ ውስጥ በሰፊው እያደገ የመጣ የውርርድ ድርጅት ነው፡፡ ቤቲካ በኦንላይን ለመወራረድ ሰፊ ምርጫዎች ያሉት ሲሆን ከአሞሌ፣ ከሲቢኢ-ብር፣  እንዲሁም ከአንበሳ እና ወጋገን ባንክ የሄሎካሽ ሞባይል ባንኪንግ አገልግሎት ጋር ተቀናጅቶ ይሰራል። እንዲሁም በኦንላይን ለሚጫወቱ ደንበኞች የመጀመሪያ ተቀማጭ ጉርሻን ይሰጣል። በቤቲካ የውርርድ ገጽ ላይ ከተለያዩ የስፖርት ውርርድ አይነቶች በተጨማሪ በቀን እሰከ 100,000 […]
  • በላሊቤት የመጀመሪያ ተቀማጭ እስከ 5000 ብር ጉርሻ እንዴት ማግኘት እና መጠቀም ይቻላል - ጉርሻውን ለማግኘት የተቀማጭ ገንዘብዎን መጠን 4 ጊዜ ያህል (4X ሮልኦቨር) መወራረድ ያስፈልጋል። ጉርሻውን ለማግኘት የሚሸፈነውን የውርርድ መጠን ወይም (ሮልኦቨር) በሙሉ ከመጀመሪያው ተቀማጭ ገንዘብ ብቻ ይሰላል። ከመጀመሪያው ተቀማጭ ገንዘብ ከፍ ላለ ሌላ ማንኛውም ውርርድ እንደ ሮልኦቨር የሚቆጠረው ከፍተኛው መጠን ከመጀመሪያው የተቀማጭ ገንዘብ ጋር እኩል ይሆናል።  ለሮልኦቨሩ በአንድ ጨዋታ ላይ ትንሹ ኦድ 1.4 ሲሆን በአንድ ምድብ ላይ […]
  • በቤትኪንግ አካውንትዎ ላይ እንዴት ገንዘብ ያስቀምጣሉ? - አሞሌ ካርድን ወይም አሞሌ ዋሌትን በመጠቀም ወደ ቤትኪንግ አካውንትዎ ገንዘብ ገቢ ማድረግ የሚችሉበት ቅደም ተከተል፡-  አሞሌ – ካርድን በመጠቀም በመጠቀም ወደ ቤትኪንግ አካውንትዎ ይግቡ የኔ አካውንት የሚለውን ይምረጡ እና ዲፖዚት የሚለውን ይጫኑ ካርድ – ዲፖዚት የሚለውን ይምረጡ የሚያስገቡትን ገንዘብ መጠን ይሙሉ የካርድ ቁጥርዎን ያስገቡ  የካርድዎ ጊዜ የሚያልፍበትን (ኤክስፓየር የሚያደርግበትን) ቀን ያስገቡ የማረጋገጫ ኮድ (ኦቲፒ) […]
  • በሀሪፍ ስፖርት አካውንትዎ ላይ እንዴት ገንዘብ ገቢ ማድረግ ይችላሉ? - በሀሪፍ ስፖርት ዋሌት አካውንትዎ ላይ ሄሎካሽን (አንበሳ) በመጠቀም ገንዘብ ማስቀመጥ ይችላሉ። ወደ ሀሪፍ ስፖርት አካውንትዎ ይግቡ  ፕሮፋይል ውስጥ ገብተው ዲፖዚት የሚለውን ይምረጡ  ሄሎካሽ ከሚለው ምርጫ ስር የሚገኘውን ዲፖዚት ይጫኑ  ስልክ ቁጥርዎን ያስገቡ  የሚያስገቡትን ገንዘብ መጠን ይሙሉ ዲፖዚት የሚለውን ይጫኑ የማረጋገጫ የፅሁፍ መልዕክት በስልክዎ ይደርስዎታል ክፍያውን ለማረጋገጥ *803*ሄሎካሽ የይለፍ ቃል# ይደውሉ ያስቀመጡትን ገንዘብ በሀሪፍ ስፖርት አካውንትዎ […]
  • በቫሞስ ቤት የነጻ ውርርድ ነጥቦችን ወይም ፍሪ ቤት እንዴት ማግኘት ይቻላል። - በቫሞስ ቤት ሲጫወቱ በአንድ የውርርድ መደብ ላይ ሁሉንም ጨዋታዎች ባያሸነፉም ተመላሽ ገንዘብ በነጥብ መልክ ሊያገኙ ይችላሉ ። እነዚህን ለውርርድ የሚሆኑ ነጥቦችን ማግኘት የሚችሉት ከሥር በተዘረዘሩት ቅድመ ሁኔታዎች መሠረት ነው፦ 1. በአንድ የውርርድ መደብ ላይ ከ 5 እስከ 9 ጨዋታዎች ገምተው በአንድ ጨዋታ ብቻ ከተሸነፉና በሁሉም ጨዋታዎች ላይ የተወራረዷቸው ምርጫዎች ከ1.35 በላይ የሆነ ኦድ ያላቸው ከሆነ […]

Welcome to – the number one betting site in Ethiopia, helping you to find the best betting sites in Ethiopia, the best betting bonuses, as well as giving you free betting tips.

Best Ethiopia Betting sites

There has been a massive surge in the number of betting sites in Ethiopia. So far it looks like 18 sites are licensed to take bets in Ethiopia. Recently there has also been a few of the more well known international sites moving into Ethiopia. These include Betking, Habesha Bet and Betika. Each site has their own design and offer a variation on odds, customer service and deposit options.

Ethiopia Betting Bonuses and Promotions

As is common in the betting industry, betting sites offer bonuses to entice customers to register as well as to entice them to deposit and play more. Ethiopia is no different and the betting sites are slowly starting to offer the same. The most common betting bonuses include first deposit (or welcome) bonuses, loyalty bonuses, multibet bonuses, as well as weekly promotions.

Free Betting Tips

Using our predictionEngine, we provide free betting tips on all major soccer leagues and matches. You can find tips for fulltime correct score, over/under 2.5 and BTTS, plus detailed head2head statistics.

about Online Betting in Ethiopia

Sports betting is a recent phenomenon in Ethiopia and while legal since 2012 the industry is still fledgling and there is a massive gap in the market.

There has been an assortment of sportsbook operators have tried to establish a market share but most have failed to deliver.

There have been a handful of new platforms that are trying to shape the Ethiopian online sports betting industry, but one of the main challenges facing the country is the poor internet connectivity.

There is an approximate 5% internet coverage that is consistent in the country and these conditions do not favour online internet sports betting.

When compared to other African countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, South Africa, Mozambique and even Mauritius the online sports betting marketplace is extremely low. Kenya has a massive betting range and even if they are facing some legislative problems the bet-industry is still substantial.

There is approved sports betting in Ethiopia and according to an agreement between the National Lottery Administration, all betting companies are obliged to give 20% of their net profits to sport institutions and clubs.
There are a new breed of online sports betting companies looking to make a mark with the likes of Abyssinia Bet, Anbessa Bet, GLX win and hulubet that are making strides. If you are not from Ethiopia, you can also find the best DR Congo Betting sites on

There is a spurt of growth in the retail betting market, with physical shops starting to make their presence felt in the country.

Abyssinia bet is one of the most well-known and was launched amid fanfare in January 2019.

The site is professional and offers football jackpot action, with up to 1 million Birr as prize money.

The maximum winning lottery at Hulu Sport Betting is 64,000 birr and the maximum winning cap on this platform is 300,000 birr.

Abyssinia bet has a website and a mobi application and looks to be a front-runner in the market. The mobi application is a real trump card as players can place their bets and withdraw winnings electronically, whereas other service providers generally offer punters the chance to place deposits and withdraw winnings in a physical store.

Anbessa for example allows players to go to one of their store locations, deposit money and will get a code they must on the website. They can then play with this e-wallet money until they want to withdraw, and they will be given a code that must be taken to a local outlet.

With Abyssinia bet punters can bet on in Amharic, English and Mandarin and punters can make use of the Hello Cash mobile payment system.

All forms of betting in Ethiopia is legal and under the regulation of the National Lottery Administration, but sports betting service providers have found the going tough in the country.

The first sports betting site ever in the country was founded in 2012, but Dagoo Sports shut their doors shortly thereafter.

For a long time, Ethiopian punters have had to make do with a host of international sports betting sites to fulfill their gaming needs, with some of the world’s premier brands being used. There are no laws in place to legislate betting on foreign platforms, so punters make use of providers in the UK for example.

The online market is falling way behind the retail sector with 10 accredited betting firms offering sportsbooks, all under the discretion of the Lottery Admin. According to research each retail company has an average of 30 physical shops spread across every state in the country.

Football is the most followed sport for placing wagers, while there is also interest in other codes such as cricket and tennis, especially when using foreign-based portals.

The real sticking point is the slow connectivity, if any and unless this is addressed the online sports betting scene will not grow. Outlets seem to best way to punt at this stage.

Nonetheless there are four or five half-decent local websites to try, and the best of the lot focus entirely on football.