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Harif Sport Ethiopia

Harifsport.com (Harif Sport Betting) is an ambitious, forward thinking online betting site that looks professional, has a strong look and feel factor and offers the basic in a way that promotes ease-of-use.

There are more misses than hits though, but this could be because the marketplace is on a learning curve and Ethiopian betting legislation has not caught up with the rest of Africa. Click here to register with Harif Sport or to read about the new Harifsport lite site.

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On a positive note, the design of the Harif Sport is top drawer, with the main landing page offering a neat, clean and crisp look.
The main menu directory is well laid out, and while it is short of features and extra links, design is decent.

Another pro is the amount of sport markets on offer and while football is the most commonly offered bet, there are also punts to be had on sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, ice-hockey, American football, cricket, rugby, boxing and many more.

The football market offers action from every major league in the world, while also providing league and cup games from countries such as Norway, Austria and Brazil.

The soccer market is shown running down the left-hand flank of the main landing page and scrolling down further will reveal all the other sporting codes on offer.

There are even odds offered on the Academy Awards, and this can be found near the bottom of the bet-market (left-hand) flank.

The bulk of the main landing page (centre) offers the latest sport odds and bets for upcoming football matches.

Harif Sport Betting Markets

The bet-markets available in this section for the football games is considerable, with one match (Manchester City vs Newcastle United for example) offering more than 1000 bet-types, including over/under, btts, handicaps, half-time/full time and many, many more.

The bet-market for football is one of the most beneficial aspects of this platform and covers almost every betting-type available. Punters may flock to the site just for their variable, massive bet markets.

The landing page also shows the latest live betting options, showing off yet more betting-types.

The right-hand side offers the bet slip, booked bets and bet checker.

The site does not have variety in gameplay though with the main menu directory only showing the sportsbook and live action – these are the only ways for a punter to win. There are no bet games like keno, lucky numbers, jackpots and promotions.

This applies to the mobi-site as well, which is a mini version of the main site.

The mobi portal looks extremely well-laid out but suffers from the same fate of lacking in varied gameplay. The mobile platform is compact and offers the same massive bet market (which is a plus).

Harif Sport Free Bets and Bonuses

The lack of bonuses and promos is revealing in its absence. In the site’s terms and conditions there are many paragraphs in the fine print detailing information regarding bonuses, but none of this is evident on the site. The terms indicate that these promos and bonuses could be on their way in the future.

Harif Sport First deposit Bonus

300% first deposit bonus.

There are no main links to explain how to play, and a viewer must scroll down to the bottom of the site to get an inkling of ‘how to play/deposit/withdraw’ tabs.

Clicking on the terms and conditions takes the punter to another page showing an impressive list of ‘how to guides’ – the only problem, and perhaps One of the most disappointing aspects of harisport.com is the complete lack of info.

Clicking on the how to play tab reveals not one word. Clicking on the deposits/withdrawal and payments links brings no more luck. There is a conspicuous lack of detail, and it is very off-putting.

The only tab in this section that offers information is the terms and conditions link.

The T’s and C’s page is filled with detail, but this is almost exclusively covering all forms of legislation, liability and the rest of the legal mumbo jumbo. There is some info on the bonus structure, but there are no definitive bonus details like if they are welcome bonuses, referral rewards or accumulator bonuses.

Harif Sport Betting Deposit Options

There are four banking options advertised in the way of banner links (bottom of the page) including, hellocash, MBirr and Awash Bank.

Harif Sport Betting Mobile site

harifsport mobile site

The mobi version looks better than the site, with its layout offering bet-markets by sport, and how many active bets are currently on the go with each code.

The site looks great, but has limited betting options, other than a large sportsbook. There are no promotions and there is scant information on how to deposit, withdraw or play. The lack of promos is understandable as the site finds its feet, but the lack of glossaries and explanations of how to play is extremely poor. Adding in the info should be the one of the first items of business when opening a sports betting site. They have the links and space for the explanations. As far as Ethiopian betting sites are concerned there are a few positives, so we cannot be too harsh on an industry that is in the beginning phases of growth.

So, despite the flaws, it is still worth a visit.

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