Afro Sport Betting Ethiopia

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Afro Betting

The online sports betting industry in Ethiopia is gaining momentum and while it does not compare to major continental bet portals across Africa, there is a kernel of optimism.

There is increased gameplay across the country, with football being the most followed and bet upon sport in the country, and Afro Betting is one of the better websites in the marketplace. If you want to go to their site directly, you can go here, although their website is (

The Ethiopian market throws many curve balls regarding quality, consistency and general look and feel, and Afro betting seems to tick all the right boxes in a limited sector.

Almost all Ethiopian betting sites have no major attractions such as virtual betting, jackpot, lottery action and other betting games, and for this is no different. What they do have is well-presented and looks professional and this is good news for local punters.

Afro Betting boasts a wide variety of sporting codes, and though football is king there is ample evidence on punters partaking in a large amount of bet-activity across all codes on offer.

Afro Sport Betting offers soccer, basketball, darts, handball, basketball, ice-hockey and tennis and even in this frustrating no sport lockdown there is still action to be had on these sporting codes, which is testament to a thriving site.

The main bulk of the landing page is taken up with a sportsbook offering all the latest soccer action, and while there is no European football action there is still a wide assortment of action offered, on the games that would have taken place. The dates of the matches correspond to what would have been taking place, from Champions League through to other European league action. This is a slight downer as these games are obviously not taking place but does give a clue on what sort of bet-activity is covered in the normal running of things.

The real bet-action that is taking place now can be found on a menu running down the left-hand flank of the main landing page.

Before we get to that let us quickly get to the overall look and feel of the platform, which is impressive. They may not offer a massive range of promotions and activities, but the site is neatly laid-out, has a great colour-scheme and is great for player usability and is anchored by simplicity and convenience for the punter.

The main menu directory (running horizontally) shows off links for home, sport, live and today’s matches.

As stated, the main bet-action would have taken place on the centre of the main landing page, but with lockdown all the bets can be found on the menu down the left.

The bet coupon cab be found on the top right-hand section of the main landing page – just below the tabs that allow for the site to be accessed in Ethiopian and English.

Afro Betting Register

The log-in or sign-up tabs can be found on the very top right of the main landing page.
There are no advertised promotions, such as first-time deposits, multi-boosts and accumulator bonuses but punters must not look too much into this flaw as it is more the norm in Ethiopia.

Afro Betting Deposit

There are a few problems when trying to find out the comprehensive information such as FAQ’s, ‘how to play’, ‘how to deposit’ and ‘how to withdraw’.

Right at the bottom of the landing page is a series of tabs that seem to cover some of this, but apart from ‘betting rules’, clicking on the link does not bring up any information.

This is quite a serious problem as a punter has no way of knowing how to deposit or withdraw. If the Ethiopian market is anything to go by the standard is for a punter to go to a retail shop and deposit, top up their bet account and then go to the retail shop to withdraw.

There is no discernible information on if this is 100% the case, but it is a strong assumption that this is the modus operandi. There should be info on how the punter does go about it, especially with ‘how to’ insert a voucher code, or promo code.

If the developers can allow punters to access the FAQ section, which is offered, then this will sort a lot of this problem out.

The mobi-site is a mini-version of the main site in what it offers, and no information regarding how to bet is forthcoming on this channel as well, and this should really be sorted out if the developers want to keep building on a good product.

The bulk of the action takes place on the bet-action side, with the sportsbook offering bets, even in this lockdown period.

Clicking on soccer, will open the Belarus Football League, which is ostensibly the only live football action in the world right now. Many leading international sites are also offering action on these league games, so it is exciting that an Ethiopian site is keeping par in this regard.

Another major plus is the offering of a wide variety of e-soccer, which is essentially electronic league action. Electronic soccer is the betting on FIFA and Pro Evolution on Xbox, PlayStation and PC’s. The leagues are made up of teams across the globe and the popularity of this form of betting is growing at a significant rate.

Clicking on the soccer link will open all the league action across the world, and by clicking on a e-soccer league will open up a sportsbook across the centre of the page, much like a normal football book. Afro Sports Betting have done well in presenting a world-class e-soccer offering.

There are bets to be had on the 1×2 format, with more bets to be had on double chance. There are more than 3500 current bets on any given day during the sporting lockdown, which shows just how popular this site is, and how popular e-soccer is becoming.

There are active bets on darts, volleyball, tennis, and basketball (some action is taking place despite covid-19) and again it is impressive that is offering this action. is one of the better betting platforms in Ethiopia and once they weather the pandemic storm, they will really flourish.

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