Betika Ethiopia Jackpot Prediction

Jackpot has ended.

Betika is one of the more established betting platforms in Africa and the Ethiopian version is attracting plenty of positive attention due to its football jackpot.

There are not many Ethiopian betting sites that offer a jackpot so is in the driving seat, especially when the football lockdown across the world eases.

Here is a brief overview of the weekly and daily football jackpots offered by

Betika offers a weekly jackpot made up of 13 legs, and in normal course of sporting events the match es is taken from a range covering the world’s biggest leagues such as the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. In the off season the matches are taken from more obscure leagues as and when there is action across the globe.

The jackpot is made up of the traditional 1×2 (home win, draw away win) format.

The minimum bet is set at Birr 33, while a punter could also play at a min of 100 Betika points plus Birr 10.

There is no maximum bet amount for the weekly jackpot, so punters can enter as many cards, or use double chances on select fixtures. The stake amount rises exponentially with each addition of a double chance.

The weekly grand prize is set at Birr 5 million, with a guaranteed cash prize of Birr 500 000 to be shared between players who do not land all 13 from 13. This prize will be dished out even if 10/13 is landed, if this is the highest number of predicted wins for the week.

There are consolation prizes for predicting 12 from 13, 11 from 13 and 10 from 13.

The jackpot is made up of 13 matches, even though 15 will be offered by Betika on a weekly basis. A punter can choose any 13 fixtures from the 15 offered each week.

The normal terms and conditions as done by football jackpots the world over apply, with rules such as final bets can be made until just before the kick-off of the first match.

If a fixture on the jackpot has been postponed, for weather for example, and takes place before the result of the last match in jackpot, then it will still count.

All official results will be posted on the website or mobi site or Ethiopian players can also get the results sent to their phones via SMS (by sending JP#RESULTS to 29090).

The daily jackpot, also called the Saba-Bisha Daily is slightly different format than the traditional weekly jackpot.

There are two betting options per daily jackpot including 1×2 (home win, draw, away win) as well as GG/NG (goals or no goals).

According to the site’s terms and conditions there is not set number of matches per draw so the amount of legs could change from day to day.

The minimum bet for 1×2 is Birr 10 or 100 Betika points.

The minimum bet for the GG/NG jackpot is Birr 20 or 200 Betika points.

The grand prize for correctly predicting all results in the 1×2 jackpot is Birr 50 000 and the main prize for correctly predicting all the results in the GG/NG will be Birr 100 000.

If there are more than one winner, then the jackpot prizes will be shared equally between the winners.

If there are three or more voids through cancelations or postponements, then all bets are void.

The weekly and daily jackpots provide an opportunity for Ethiopian punters to win substantial amounts with low stakes and is proving especially popular.

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