Bos Betting

What is the world’s most popular sport? If you don’t know the answer, no need to guess as we have the answer ready for you. The world’s most supported sport is soccer. Legend, Pele, concluded that soccer “is the world’s most beautiful game” as it has power to unite the world. Well, recognizing the huge popularity of soccer on the global stage in general and in Ethiopia in particular, one sports betting platform by the name Bos Betting decided to roll out an online sports betting site that only supports soccer events. Soccer fanatics in Ethiopia looking to place soccer bets will therefore find Bos Betting quite appealing. Well, to know more about this soccer loving sports betting platform, punters simply need to continue reading this review.

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Site Overview

The word simple simply does not do justice to the ‘simplicity’ of the Bos Betting site. The Bos Betting site is more than simple both when it comes to the site graphics as well as the blending of graphics with navigation buttons. Bos Betting Ethiopia decided to go all white with its site graphics. Only the navigation threads talk of the header tab and the footer tab as well as the navigation buttons comes with different colour palates. What this essentially means is that punters will simply find their way at Bos Betting whether they want to place bets on the default events presented on the landing page or they want to search for more specific leagues and tournaments. Rather bet with Betika ET, Winner Bet, or Hulu Sport.

Bos Betting Betting Products on Offer

As we have already alluded to before, Bos Betting prides itself in offering betting events only for the world’s most supported sport that is, soccer. The beauty of this betting platform is that its betting events are drawn from a wide variety of countries and leagues. Whether one is interested in European leagues, North American leagues, South American leagues, Asian leagues or African leagues, they all will find something that quenches their thirst. Even more impressive is the fact that Bos Betting does also offer betting events for youth leagues!  

How to Register on Bos Betting Ethiopia

  1. On Bos Betting’s landing page, navigate to the top right corner and click on the REGISTER button
  2. Once you do, you are redirected to the registration page
  3. On the registration page, input the info requested from you – this basically pertains to your personal details, place of residence as well as phone number
  4. Once all of the info is provided, check the box that allows you to agree with Bos Betting’s Terms & Conditions page
  5. Afterwards, complete the registration process by clicking on the REGISTER button to open your account.

Bos Betting Deposit Options

Bos Betting allows its punters to make deposits using a wide variety of payment methods. These can be differentiated into two that is, credit/debit card payments as well as e-wallets. Credit/debit card payments include Visa, Maestro and MasterCard while the e-wallets include ecoPayz and Neteller. There is also a mobile money payment supported which caters to those who prefer paying with their mobile money.

Boss Betting Jackpots/Specials/Promotions

At the current moment, Bos Betting does not offer any betting bonuses and promotions. This, however, is not the case at all times. The betting platform from time to time may run some promos. It is important therefore for the punter to constantly check the Promotions page to see if there are any currently running bonus and promotional perks.  

Round Up

If you are a soccer fanatic who loves placing bets on his favourite sport and you find yourself in Ethiopia, then it’s imperative that you settle at Bos Betting. There are many things to like about Bos Betting as it offers betting events for most soccer leagues and tournaments in the world including youth leagues and tournament. Bos Betting is also mobile friendly hence you can place your bets on the go. Even more impressive is the fact that Bos Betting offers competitive odds.

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