Ethiobettings looks like a newcomer to the scene and based on their platform this trend will set to continue. There does not seem to be any live in-play betting, which is one of the standard fares in the Ethiopian betting market.

This EthiopiaBettings site looks new and still in the developmental stage, with no sportsbook or play opportunities available. This will obviously come in time but based from the layout of the site it seems there will only be a sportsbook on offer.

The main landing page looks irregular based on almost all other competitors, with a condensed, awkward look and feel. The site is offered in various languages and this review is done on the English version platform.

The main landing page offers a menu directory including home, play, result, how to play, about us and contact us.

Clicking on play shows that there are no active bets, nor sportsbook. The only link that offers any sort of information is the how to play tab and clicking on this will take the punter to a page describing the betting rules.

There is not much detail on how to play except for an explanation of how to bet on a three game multi, which seems to be the one of two bet options available.

The explanation bar for the multi-bet can be found on the left-hand flank of the how to play link.

There are a series of scheduled fixtures and the punter must pick which games they want to play for the multi-bet.

Then further down the page there is an explanation bar to show how another form of bet works, with three matches used as an example, and all three scores start off a 3-3. The explanation is a bit confusing as there is no clear mention if the betting is done on a correct score basis, or for a straight result. It looks like a correct score format. There are examples of bet amounts, in birr, and the bet slip shows how much a punter can wager and what the potential winnings will be after the three matches are finished.

My explanations may seem confusing, but not as confusing as what the viewer gets to see, and this is poor, as many punters want clear, concise bet information, and not have to decode a simple explanation.

There is a tab called game betting rules, which sheds the lightest of lights – with a mention that to win a bet all the goal guesses must be correct. This sounds like a correct score bet, but it is hard to tell if this is indeed the case.

This page also offers info how where a player can deposit or top up account, with bank options including; PayKwik, CBE Birr, Hellocash and ‘other Ethio Sports Betting Affiliate Banks (MasterCard, Visa, Abyssinia Pay wik, M-BIRR).

The about link seems to give some indication that the platform will offer football jackpots, with a banner advertising ‘win up to 1.5 million birr’. There is also some mention of football pools, but the grammar, spelling and explanation is poor, and confusing. If they will offer a football jackpot, they will be one of the first Ethiopian sites to do this, and that will be good news for punters.

The contact us link is well detailed, and punters can contact the service providers for more detail such as when the sportsbook and potential jackpots go live.

The holding company is based in Addis Ababa at the Dreamliner Hotel, and their contact number is 0114702869.

 They have a huge social media range, with icons for every imaginable social media platform.

There is no indication that the site is up and running, and the service providers look to be testing the waters, choosing to educate the punters on how to play their portal.

This may be worth skipping, at least for the time being.

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