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The online sports betting scene in Ethiopia is dominated by foreign-based brands and one of the most popular is, and according to data research this is the 11th most popular site in the country.

It is obvious that most local punters use this portal to fulfill their sports betting needs. The internet connectivity in the country continues to frustrate local punters, with data showing that only a 5% range of the populace has access to a clear connection.

It is not easy to review an international betting site when taking in local factors, like currency, a diverse range of sporting codes that the populace is ostensibly not aware of … but the platform offers almost all sports that a top sportsbook provides.

Football is the most bet upon activity followed by basketball, tennis, Ice-hockey, American Football and handball.

Glxwin does not offer the bells and whistles of virtual play, football jackpots, casino action and promotions, but from the betting stats on display next to each sporting code it seems the site is extremely popular. Whether this covers the worldwide market, or the Ethiopian market is open for discussion, but one gets the impression this is more international than local. There are more than 50 000 active football bets for example, and this is way above the norm for almost all African bet-sites.

At the bottom of the site is a menu directory offering details on betting rules, FAQ’s, About and contact info and private information, but a person cannot click on the link apart from the bet-rules tab. This link explains the various bet-markets across all the sporting codes on offer at

There is no disclaimers nor information as to if this site is officially sanctioned by the controlling body in the country, the National Lottery Administration.

There is also no info on whether Birr is used as a currency.

This is a good international bet site for Ethiopians looking for an extensive bet market, across football and a host of other sporting codes, and judging by its ranking it is played by many local punters.

Glxwin Max Payout

The maximum payout for Glxwin is 500 000