Vamos Bet Login

Eager to enjoy some immersive, captivating and lucrative casino games. Or maybe you prefer to place some bets on the world’s top sports and virtual games. Whatever you want from playing casino games to placing sports bets, Vamos Bet is the place to be. On all its gambling products, high odds and high RTP games are guaranteed. To enjoy these gambling products, however, you need to be a registered member first. the steps to follow in setting up your account are highlighted below.  

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How to Register at Vamos Bet  

  1. Start by visiting the official website available at Note that the registration process highlighted here applies to players using desktop devices as well as those using mobile devices 
  2. Once you land on the homepage, you need to navigate to the header tab and click the ‘Register’ button located on the top right corner of the screen 
  3. You will then be redirected to the registration form where you need to input the requested details. These include your mobile phone number, date of birth and preferred password. If you have a promo code, you can also input it here 
  4. Click the ‘Confirm’ button 
  5. Check your mobile phone number for the activation code which enables you to authenticate your account and complete the registration process.  

*You can only use your mobile phone number to register an account once at Vamos Bet. Once you have registered an account, for all other future instances in which you want to play at Vamos Bet you will need to undertake the login process first. the steps to follow in logging in are explored below. 

How to Log In to Vamos Bet  

  1. Visit the official website available at either from your desktop device or mobile device 
  2. Head over to the menu bar and click the ‘Login’ button 
  3. On the login page, input your mobile phone number, username or ID as well s your password  
  4. Click the ‘Login’ button to access your account portal.  

*It’s important to note that before you click the ‘Login’ button to access your account portal, you have one decision to make with regards to the ‘Remember Me’ tab. You can either leave it as it is or tap it. if you leave it as it is, you will need to undertake the login process every time you want to access your account. However, if you tap it, the device you are using to log in will automatically save your security credentials. This, therefore, means in future, you won’t need to undertake the login process but rather, clicking the Vamos Bet link from the search results will directly help you access your account portal. 

How to do a Password Reset 

In these modern times where, one has to keep track of all sorts of numbers from credit/debit card pins, mobile phone passwords and the like, it’s easy for a password to slip out of one’s mind. If the password you forget is for your Vamos Bet login, you can easily retrieve it by following the steps outlined below: 

  1. Launch the official website at
  2. Head over to the menu bar and click the ‘Login’ button  
  3. On the login page, click the ‘Restore Password’ button 
  4. You are then redirected to a page where you need to input your mobile phone number 
  5. After inputting your mobile phone number, proceed to click the ‘Restore’ button 
  6. Check your mobile phone for the Vamos Bet message with instructions on how to complete the process and recover your account. Note that at this stage, you may be asked to choose a new and easy-to-remember password.  

*Apart from retrieving a lost or forgotten password via the above route, you can also contact the support agents and request that they guide you in setting up new security credentialsYou can reach the support agents via any of the following platforms: email ( or phone number for SMS  and Telegram (+251 966 046 666). All of the customer support platforms are available 24/7. 

Vamos Bet Log In FAQ

Q1. Is it a prerequisite to set up an account at Vamos Bet? 

Yes, it’s a prerequisite to set up an account at Vamos Bet. Knowing and verifying the identity of all its players is something that Vamos Bet highly values as well as one of the key requirements that the platform needs to enforce according to its licensing stipulations.  

Q2. Should I open a new Vamos Bet account if I forget my previous Password? 

No, there is no need of opening a new account if you forget your previous Vamos Bet password. Rather, you can retrieve your password via the password reset process or you can get in touch with the support agents and request that they guide you in choosing a new password.  

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